About Us

I’m Myra, founder of Beauty & Me. I began this company four years ago as I have always had a passion for skincare. As a Pharmaceutical Skin Scientist and Chemist, I have been researching this for a number of years and have tested hundreds of products.

I have developed products to treat Multiple Skin Issues such as wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin and dull skin that I know will work for you!

My first product was Hyaluronic Acid Serum. As part of my skincare routine I would always ensure I use hyaluronic acid serum every day. After testing brands like ‘ The Ordinary’, ‘ L’Oréal’ and ‘Elizabeth Arden’ - I realised these products were not making my skin look brighter or even feel hydrated. It was such a shame as these are very big brands and surely they should tackle your your skincare concerns!

After researching and testing so many ingredients, I decided to formulate my serum and was very sceptical as other skincare brands let me down. When I trialed and tested my serum, it simply glided onto my skin and gave that instant glow! From this point, I was happy enough to sell this product and many customers have now made this serum an integral part of their skincare routine.

I am planning to formulate more skincare products. My next project is Dark Circles. I am quite conscious of my dark circles and have used numerous creams/ serums - which never worked! I am currently researching the best natural ingredients for dark circles and I could honestly say our diet has a huge impact on our skin. Drinking a lot of water is ideal for dark circles and also using products that are high in moisture certainly will reduce puffiness around the under eye area.

Overall, I am so amazed with the results my products gave and I hope you will experience the same. My mission is to spread the word through a product range and a positive skin community.

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